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Topical Cannabis oils, balms, and bath products for Pain Relief & skin care

Cannabis topical products that smell great!

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About Us

Artisanal Cannabis Topical Products

We make topical Cannabis oils, balms, and bath products for pain relief and skin care. All of our products are handmade in Burnaby, BC using all natural products whenever possible.

THC infused

All of our products have THC as the active ingredient which provides localized pain relief without the high.

Our Blog

We're doing our best to educate others through our own personal experiences. In no way do we wish for you to use our advice over your doctor's nor do we wish for you to break any of your local drug laws.

Rad Blog

Our History

Our History

The Rad Scientist Topicals was created by a Cancer survivor in Burnaby BC. During her treatment she turned to cannabis products to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy. She noticed none of the topical pain relief treatments smelled particularly pleasant and when she was well enough, she started experimenting in her kitchen to make her own! Now she wants to share them with you and help improve the lives of people suffering from chronic and everyday pain!