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Cast off, topicals on!

Do you have a cast about to come off?

I’ve recently had a few friends & family show me just how dry and flaky your skin gets after wearing a cast for a few months. I’d ask for a picture to share but ladies don’t like to reveal such things.

A cannabis sugar scrub would help clear up the 3 months of dead skin covering your hand or foot or whatever you had the misfortune of breaking.

The sugar would gently exfoliate and the cannabis would calm your sensitive skin or lingering bruising.

If you require physiotherapy after your break, you might want to consider a Pain Relief Balm or Pain Relief Oil to reduce some of the stiffness and aches from using muscles that just had a 3 month holiday. Cannabis topicals can’t do much with your initial bone break but they can help with your recovery. So when you’re ready for that cast to come off, be sure to reach for your cannabis topicals (with your good hand please, I don’t want to be responsible for further injuries!)