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Cannabis Topicals for Date Night

It’s February. Time to shave your legs/face/whatever, get gussied up and spend some time with someone you love, or if you’re single, to find someone you can love.

But what does this have to do with cannabis topicals? Well I’ll tell you! I’m going to do my best to suggest ways cannabis bath & body products can benefit your going out ritual and maybe if we’re lucky, I’ll have some “next day” tips for you.

I’m not sure about you but I like to work selfcare into my going out routine. If I’m really lucky, I can spend almost all day getting ready for a night out. That’s the sort of day where I’d be luxuriating in a cannabis bath, putting my hair in rollers, doing the false lashes and of course the carefully selected outfit. Don’t judge, I sometimes like a movie montage starring myself ??‍♀️

To receive the full effects of a cannabis bath, I recommend the euphoric bath salts or bath bomb and soaking for an hour. Your body will feel super relaxed and your skin will be so soft that your date might get a little touchy with you. Wine or a joint in the tub is optional but not recommended for the beginner. You need to know how things affect you before you start mixing, trust me. I’ve heard stories!

For added softness you can use my cannabis sugar scrub. It’s formulated to dissolve in the water so you won’t have grit in your bath. I made the mistake of using another brand’s scrub in the bath. It felt like a day at the beach, and not in the good way. The scrub can also be used in the shower (which is how I prefer using it) but you could also do a dry scrub before your bath or shower, it’s all up to you. Either way, it’s going to help boost your circulation and slough off old skin cells and tough grime.

Shower fans: don’t forget about the cannabis bodywash and soaps! I find the bodywash just washes away my aches. Sometimes I wash an area twice to get the tougher aches out. I usually just use the bar soap on my hands but I have noticed it soothes any minor cuts as well as makes my skin baby soft. Either will be an excellent addition to your prep, especially if you have some pain or expect some by the end of the night. A little preventative always helps me get through a night out.

One of my favorite skincare/selfcare hacks

Protip for those of you with dry skin, I like to use my regular strength pain relief oil as a body oil. It makes my skin feel really nice. I also love my chamomile headache roller on zits. I’ve noticed that in some cases, I can put this on before bed and the zit is gone in the morning. I’ve even been known to use the chamomile pain relief oil on my face before bed. It makes my face feel relaxed and I’ve noticed a brighter complexion and soft skin. I don’t recommend this with all of my products though. The chamomile with the cannabis seems to be the most effective for my skin problems. I even use the chamomile headache roller on cystic pimples. It stops the pain and has made quite a few of them run their course faster for me.

After you’ve relaxed and soothed your body with a shower or bath, you should be in a pretty good mood for your date. I really hope you get some action! ?

So that leads me to after care…. if you did something stupid (roller skating, weird positions, trip over your shoes, some weird activity you’re way too out of shape for… etc) during your date, you might need another cannabis bath (if it was a weird sex injury to reduce your awkward inflammation) or some of my pain relief balm or oil (if it resulted in bruising or pulled muscles of the non genital variety) to help you get back on your feet.

Protip: the balm works great on an aching jaw and sore muscles. Just saying….

As you can see, cannabis topicals can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle. I highly recommend you give them a shot if you live with a chronic pain condition or you’re just chronic. ?