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Markdowns on regular strength balms!

I’ve decided to no longer order the little metal tins I use for regular strength balm since I really like the look & size of the white 2oz pots I have started using for my extra strength. So bye bye little tins, hello doubling the size of regular strength!

The metal tins sometimes stick and I’ve had the feedback that they are hard to use for people with chronic hand problems. I’ve also had troubles finding a replacement 1oz white pot so this means both regular & extra strength will be the same size because I’m done hunting. I’ve got more important things to work on! ?

Regular strength balms get a makeover! They will now be shipped in 2oz size instead of 1oz with 420mg THC instead of 210mg. Your new balm goes from roughly 4 months worth to a 6-8 month supply depending on how much you’re using it. Regular price will be $35.

If you like bargains, then check out the 1oz balms and see if your favorite scent is left!

My remaining 1oz regular strength tins are available for the discounted price of $20 in the 1oz balm section. Scents and stock are limited and if you’re lucky, you can nab the last Earl Grey.

Extra Strength balms are remaining awesome and at their very affordable price (from what I’ve seen online) – no price, packaging or sizing changes planned.