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New Euphoric Bubble Ball drop!

Since I finished off the inventory for the Mint Ice Cream Bubble Balls, I figured I could make it up to you with Cookie Crumble scented Euphoric Bubble Bath Balls!

I’ve been told numerous times that my Euphoric Bubble Balls look like cookies, now they smell like them ?

These little bad boys had my house smelling spectacular as they were curing. In fact I didn’t plan this out very well at all as the smart thing would have been to make sure there were real cookies on hand to handle the constant cookie craving from this fragrance. Oh! Maybe that’s why my boyfriend made Peanut Butter Cookies the other day ?

Don’t worry, cookie cravings go away once your bath is over

Or not… I’m not exactly psychic


My Euphoric Bubble Balls are small but they pack a punch! My pot smoking neighbor found these a little too intense the first time he used them. Turns out he was adding extra stuff to his bath so please don’t add other soaps, oils or bath bombs and salts to your euphoric bath until you know how these affect you (unless you’re cool with a possible negative experience)

For the Cookie Crumble Euphoric Bubble Balls I stuck with natural colorants. I used cocoa powder to create even more of a cookie look but please don’t eat them, they taste terrible. In fact you’ll have a significantly better experience if you use them only as directed.

Just crumble one under running water if you’re trying for the first time. The recommended soak time is an hour for a nice pain free body high. Keep your bath around a 1/2 hour mark or get the regular strength bath bombs if you’re afraid of the effects. The longer you soak, the more you feel it so the more adventurous bathers & long soakers might have trouble getting out of the tub on their own.

Have a great bath everyone!