Earl Grey Regular Strength Pain Relief Balm


“Earl Grey, hot.” – Captain Picard

The Captain of the USS Enterprise knew what he was talking about, and now, you can smell like his favorite drink! This will totally bring you closer together <3

fragrance added

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Earl grey tea is known for smelling like citrus & bergemot
*fragrance added

Our line of Pain Relief Balms come in a variety of fragrances all utilizing the pain relieving and anti inflammatory benefits of cannabis with the amazing skin care properties of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Recommended uses:

– headaches & migraines

– bruises

– aches & pains

– insect bites

– menstrual cramps

– tendinitis & sprains

Directions: apply to afflicted area for relief, reapply as needed

* for best results for tougher chronic pain and arthritis, use daily for a minimum of two weeks

Ingredients: cannabis infused coconut oil (100mg THC), cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter, sunflower lecithin, fragrance

store in a cool dry place

keep out of reach of children and pets

external use only

not tested on animals

do not use on open wounds

non psychoactive