Seashells weed roach clips


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Each roach clip has a bit of bud in suspended in epoxy on a 3″-4″ alligator clip

Why do I need a roach clip?

• gots zits/cold sores around your mouth you need to stop touching

• you have grip problems due to neuropathy or arthritis or other chronic hand problems

• you have fancy nails

• you tend to burn your fingers when smoking cuz you forget about the joint you stoner

• you don’t want to mess up your lipstick or make up

• you want to feel glamorous & fashionable like classic Hollywood stars and can’t find any vintage cigarette holders

• you think they’re cute and/or fashionable

• you like to smoke in the bath tub

• makes joint sharing easier (game changer for when you smoke somewhere dark)

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purple sparkle, iridescent, bronze