Zinfandel Squared Cannabis infused Soap


From the “Cleaning out the Fridge Collection”

Used a white zinfandel in the soap production

also used a zinfandel fragrance

Fun Fact: I almost named this zinfandel zinfandel but you know, redundancy

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The soap has a nice fruity berry scent. If my wine smelled like this, I wouldn’t have had to soap with it. So now you know my secret: I didn’t like the white Zinfandel and I was given 2 bottles of it. The unopened bottle is now a part of my “Cleaning Out The Fridge” collection. Expect a few more soaps from this bottle

The natural sugars in the wine help to boost the lather, making it fluffy, creamy, and luxurious. Plus I’m already working with cannabis so I might as well go hard or go home. Like why not wine?